Xena Wood Warrior 12 week course

Conquer Power Tools, Conquer Your World: Xena Wood Warriors Await!

We all remember Xena! 

Where as none of us are particularly interested in looking like Xena we definitely could all do with a bit of that Xena Can do/Get it done powerful energy!

Welcome to Two Sheds Xena Wood Warriors!

Prepare to harness your own Xena energy, where strength, skill, and empowerment intersect in the world of woodworking. Just like the fearless warrior princess from the hit TV series, at Two Sheds we  believe in harnessing our inner power to conquer new challenges. Join us on a journey of transformation as we channel the spirit of Xena to discover the art of woodworking. From wielding power tools with confidence to crafting intricate joints and curves, our 12-week course offers a dynamic blend of hands-on learning and empowerment. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned enthusiast, let Xena Wood Warriors be your guide as you embark on a quest to unleash your inner wood warrior!

At Two Sheds, we understand your yearning for independence and freedom to do your own DIYing, to make your own furniture, to craft wood.  Join us on a journey tailored to meet your aspirations, whether you’re seeking to cultivate new skills or reignite your passion for woodworking. When you walk into the workshop you will find a safe, supportive place to learn, explore, experiment, and get confident. Say goodbye to hesitation and hello to empowerment as you learn to wield power tools with confidence and competence. Together, let’s nurture your desire for growth and unleash the untapped potential within you.

Join our community of Xena Wood Warriors and embark on a path of self-discovery and empowerment today.

What will you learn?

Conquering the Drill & Driver:

Embrace the power of the drill and driver, wielding them with the precision and finesse of a true warrior.

Absorb the art of drilling, from understanding drill bit applications to fearlessly tackling various hole sizes and types.

Select screws with the discernment of a seasoned warrior, ensuring your woodworking projects stand strong.

Forge a bond with your tools, gaining confidence and control with each use, and becoming one with your craft.

Command the battlefield of woodworking by familiarizing yourself with the buttons and levers, unlocking their secrets like a true champion.

Exploring the Miter Saw:

Channel your inner warrior as you navigate the miter saw, sawing both straight and angled cuts with unwavering focus.

Prepare for battle by honing your skills in setting up for repetitive cuts, ensuring each strike is precise and true.

Crafting Strong Joints:

Harness the strength of ancient techniques, utilizing dowelling jigs and pocket holes to forge joints as unyielding as the warrior’s spirit.

Embrace the challenge of creating mitres, weaving them into your woodworking arsenal with the grace and skill of a seasoned warrior.

Creating Curves in Timber Work:

Unleash your creativity and prowess as you carve curves in timber, wielding jigsaws, coping saws, Band Saws, and scroll saws like weapons of legend.f

Utilizing Circular Saws:

Seize control of the battlefield with circular saws, effortlessly slicing through timber with the precision and speed of a warrior in motion.

Embrace the tools of the trade, get all over the wonders of the speed square and Track Saw to conquer any challenge that stands in your path.

Harnessing the Trimmer/Router:

Embark on a quest to unlock the secrets of the trimmer/router, using its power to carve grooves and joints with the finesse of a true artisan.

Shape your creations, rounding over edges and cutting rebates with the skill of a seasoned warrior.

Join us and unleash your inner Wood Warrior – empower yourself through woodworking!

Features of our Xena Wood Warriors Course

  • small class of 6-8 participants
  • taught by our 2 qualified, wildly experienced women instructors Jo & Sal
  • make lots of  cool projects as you learn skills
  • Book into either an evening Xena (Wed 6-9) or a daytime Xena (Fri 11-2)
  • all timber & materials are covered by the course fee. No more to pay.
  • we will spend 2 sessions on each tool or essential topics so you can really get a handle on them
  • connect with other women who want to get tool savvy and DIYing for themselves
  • free access to one of our sharpening workshops
  • Payment choice and flexibility are on your side. Split your booking fee  into 4 instalments over 6 weeks through our PayPal Pay in 4 option.
  • We understand things can come up so if you have to miss a class you can catch that topic up the next cycle. We will credit up to 2 missed classes in this way.
  • Completion of Xena Wood Warrior 12 week course opens up access to join our ‘Thelma & Louise’  Work on Your Own Projects weekly classes. By then you will totally have the confidence to tackle those woodwork projects you have been dreaming of making. Under the guidance of one of our instructors, these advanced classes will have you placing your hand made pieces in pride of place for sure!
  • Flexible start date – if you can’t start at the beginning of this fabulous new course or you can begin at the start of any topic provided there is space in the class.

Everything you need to do & know to get woodworking & all from a woman’s perspective.

There are no silly questions at Two Sheds!

How the Xena Wood Warrior Course Works....

We’ve structured the course in a cyclical format, ensuring continuity and depth in learning. We spend 2 weeks on each topic & each topic repeats in the same order every 12 weeks. You’re not restricted to starting only at the beginning of a new 12-week block. Instead, you can join at the start of any topic, at any point in the cycle, as long as there’s availability in the class. This allows you to begin with any topic and progress through all six over the course of the cycle.

The cost is $800 including GST, timber & materials

Can you imagine how good it would feel to be able to easily cut a piece of wood to the exact size you want? Cut a groove in the bottom of a box, know what drill and fixing to use on that project at home? All these activities and so much more will be open to you after you complete this course. In fact even before you finish – your confidence with power tools will be growing along the way!

You deserve this feeling! Come & BUILD YOURSELF at Two Sheds.

You know you’ve always wanted to!

$800 this includes GST, timber & materials


Absolutely! We assume no previous knowledge or experience.

No we have everything you will need at the workshop? However, if you have some of your own tools & we check over them & deem them safe to use, you can get to know & use your own tools! We are very fine with that!

No we will keep trying in as many ways as possible to explain what we are teaching in a way that you will understand?

Absolutely! We love questions! In fact we find that even with questions that you may feel are silly, other participants will lean in to hear the answer too!

Questions & mistakes are how we all learn.

Not quite sure & still have some questions? Our marvellous administrator Nellie will be happy to help you! Email her now!

Nothing available, or time doesn’t suit?