Kids & Teens at Two Sheds

Summer Holiday Woodwork

We are planning our kids woodwork summer holidays program. We are designing some full day programs. Not to give too much away but there will be:-  

  • building collaboratively with other kids structures such as cubbies
  • all things puppets which will include puppet creating, stage building, instrument making, script development and then a puppet show at the end
  • woodwork workshops

If you would like to hear more  please email to join our mailing list.

Project & Tool Kits

Schmickee-doo Woodwork for Kids has come directly out of our Two Sheds Workshop Woodwork for Kids in-house program.

From the comfort of wherever you are you can access the awesome tried and proven kid’s projects, the tools we use in the workshop, our teaching woodwork to kid’s knowledge and 10 years of experience, and all the encouragement and enthusiasm we can muster into our project kits and online video platform. We mail our project kits, written instructions & tool kits to you. Then we send you links to our how to videos that are made for the kids to watch as they build.

Nothing available, or time doesn’t suit?