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Woodwork for Women

What we are ABOUT is empowering women to BUILD THEMSELVES.

It’s our underlying mission. It’s what you will experience at Two Sheds. You will become powerful fueled by a growing sense of confidence. A knowing that you can do things for yourself – “you know what I’m going to have a go at that myself.”

Many times, after going through how to hold and use a drill, one of the workshop participants will say something like “Is that it? That’s all there is to it?! Give that drill to me!”

It’s not hard you just need to know some details of what matters, how to use tools, the terminology to ask questions or to order materials.

That is what you get at Two Sheds. Our instructors giving you the information, knowledge & skills all from, & for, a women’s perspective.


Woodwork for Kids & Teens

What we are about is empowering kids to BUILD THEMSELVES.

We have a saying at Two Sheds Woodwork for Kids. “Is it SCHMICKEE-DOO?”

Meaning – is a piece of wood you’ve been working on as smooth as good as it can be? Or does it need more focus and more effort? Schmickee-doo can only be seen with your fingers. To feel Schmickee-doo is a wonderful thing! We work to inspire Schmickee-doo at Two Sheds.

Kid’s ask each other “Do you think this is Schmickee-doo yet?”

They all know what Schmickee-doo is but they also know that it is a relative thing. It’s different for every kid depending on who they are & their woodwork journey. It is an encompassing term and an individual one.

Have you worked hard enough to be as good as you can be?

By striving for one’s own Schmickee-doo everyone learns & practices to keep going when you are tired, to keep trying when you just want to give up, and all the while heading for the inevitable satisfaction that making something cool with your hands and with tools gives us. The class itself becomes Schmickee-doo. Kids become part of a Schmickee-doo team.

In our kids woodwork program we guide, encourage & foster Schmickee-doo. In woodwork classes, at Two Sheds, kids don’t just learn woodworking skills & to use tools although that definitely happens. And for sure they learn to be proud of their work and to help and encourage each other and to let their imaginations fly & to build cool things with wood.

But most of all they learn resilience, perseverance, and to harness their willpower.
And to be Schmickee-doo – the best versions of themselves.


To empower women & kids to BUILD THEMSELVES.


To address the entrenched gender gap in the building industry by providing community-based women’s and children’s woodworking and carpentry skills programs.  

We are going to teach as many women and children woodwork and building skills as we can making women and girls doing woodwork and building a normal occurrence in our communities.

It's time to build yourself at Two Sheds!

Our Founder

About Jo Saccomani

The home my sister and I grew up in was owner built by my Mum and Dad and they constantly renovated and decorated it. That girls couldn’t use tools and the idea of us not building just wasn’t a thing in our house. I want to spread that idea. I know that my experience growing up was definitely unusual.

 I am a woman who has been a carpenter for many years. What I have learned along the way is what we teach at Two Sheds. And it’s not just woodwork & building knowledge. I’m small in height and not particularly bulked up muscle wise. I would say I build with my head and that clamps are the answer to many things. What I have gone on to learn as a teacher of woodwork and building is that being able to do these skills and use the tools – the devil as they say is in the details. And so is the delight & the ease. I love the tiny details and I’ve concentrated on teasing them out of these small hands and out of my years of experience to show them to you in a way that instils you with competence and confidence.

What I find most satisfying about teaching woodwork is when I’m in a Two Sheds women’s or kid’s class or workshop and stand back to see everyone engrossed in what they are making – how to use tools and the processes of woodwork have become background to building, making & creating and the confidence to do so. 

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