What tools do I need to bring?

None – all tools you will need are supplied. Just wear covered shoes, tie your hair back and remember to bring your glasses if you need them for close up work.

I have absolutely no skills but have always wanted to do woodwork, will I be able to join one of your classes or workshops?

Absolutely no skills or experience necessary – that’s the way we’ve designed it! And by the end you’ll definitely have some skills.

Will I really be able to build an Adirondack Chair?

Yes you CAN!! Our Adirondack chair workshop is designed for everyone – skilled or not.

How do you say Adirondack?

It is pronounced Add – Ee – Ron – Dack. And don’t worry you don’t need to be able to say it to build your own Adirondack Chair!

Can I make my own project?

After doing a couple of our set projects that teach you the basics in our weekly classes, you certainly can make your own project. We will work with you to design your project to be awesome but still fit within your skill set and teach you new things too.

What is the youngest age of a child who can attend your kids workshops?

Our kids classes are open to girls and boys ages 7 and up. too.

What is the cancellation policy?

Please visit Cancellation policy