Empowering Women and Kids to BUILD THEMSELVES

We guarantee you will leave us with more confidence using tools than you came in with!


Imagine coming into our workshop to participate in a woodworking workshop. You’ve read that it was for total beginners. But you’re not convinced. You know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about using tools. But you’ve always wanted to.
You remember your Granddad tinkering away in his shed. The sounds of him sawing and hammering, the smell of wood, the feel of sawdust piled up in the palm of your hand and hearing him contentedly whistling as he worked. You want to experience that, you want to feel the joy and contentment he obviously felt.
You are also tired of not being able to do those things that you need or want to do around your home. You want them done now and to be done how you want them. Put up that shelf, fix that special chair, build an arbour for your climbing rose, a compost bay in your veggie patch, & a seat from which to enjoy your garden.
But where to start?
When you arrive at Two Sheds you’re in the right place. This is where you start!
To learn to measure, to cut to size, to hold a drill so you feel in control, to screw timber together, to plane wood smooth, to hammer, to use clamps, power tools and so much more.
You will have built a woodwork project and learnt to make the parts of it step by step.
You’ll understand the processes and concepts behind what you did so you can take what you’ve learnt home.
You’ll leave our workshops & classes with the confidence to Do It Yourself that you didn’t feel was possible when you walked in.
You’re woodworking journey has begun and you will have Built Yourself in more ways than one!

It's time to build yourself at Two Sheds!

woodwork, carpentry & diy skill for women & kids


Two Sheds Workshop is a place where women and kids can come to learn woodwork and building skills in a supportive, safe and fun environment.

Here at Two Sheds you will learn new skills and to use tools and equipment. You will gain confidence and the satisfaction of building something in wood yourself or with a group of like minded women keen to get creating.

You’ll feel so supported by our trade qualified and experienced women teachers.


Absolutely! We assume no previous knowledge or experience.

No we have everything you will need at the workshop? However, if you have some of your own tools & we check over them & deem them safe to use, you can get to know & use your own tools! We are very fine with that!

No we will keep trying in as many ways as possible to explain what we are teaching in a way that you will understand.

Absolutely! We love questions! In fact we find that even with questions that you may feel are silly, other participants will lean in to hear the answer too!

Questions & mistakes are how we all learn.


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