Our Team



With an interest of the little details, Jo puts her attention to breaking down the skills she has learnt over a life time of being a carpenter into tiny pieces that she passes on to our students.



After retiring to Bega six years ago, Nellie took a Beginners woodwork course at Two Sheds and has stayed around ever since. Nellie is our Administrator extroidinaire! She makes everything Two Sheds work behind the scenes. In addition Nellie co-manages the Bega workshop with Jo and she’s also a dab hand at Shaker boxes. Nellie never fails to pick up where Jo’s memory drops off!



Sal is a carpenter bringing a wealth of knowledge & skills to Two Sheds. Having become a carpenter as a mature aged apprentice Sal definitely has building industry experience in more ways than one. Sal loves teaching & empowering humans & does so with kindness, fun & a fabulous teaching style. Fun fact Sal is a former Matilda! (Look up Sally Shipard)



Jess has tonnes of experience working with set building and kid’s creative workshops and brings all this to our kid’s classes. She is away currently having made 2 little Two Shedders but she’ll be back!



Bowie is a little dog with a big heart. In addition to his front of house meet and greet role Bo wears many other behind the scenes hats such as safety monitor, workshop morale boost facilitator, refreshment time advisor and Jo’s personal tech support. An all round good dog we couldn’t do it without him.



Kinja came to woodwork afterschool classes at Two Sheds for many years. She has tonnes of woodwork skills, creativity & enthusiasm. When we asked Kinja to tell us something about herself she said ”I love dragons & sandwiches – but not at the same time!” Our kids love her.

Helen (Baz)

Baz is our pallet demolisher/timber prep extraordinaire. Any Adirondack chair, planter box or bench seat workshop timber has had some love from Baz!


Yemaya was a homeschool kids woodwork class participant for years way back. She is responsible for the creation of several of our staple kids projects including The Milking Stool! We love that she is back as a kids instructor.


Pip is a special needs teacher at a local primary school and brings wonderful skills to our kids program.