The Hamish Ping Pong Propulsion Perpetuator Kit – kids woodwork

As soon as kids see this ping pong ball thrower in action they will know they need one! Not only can they have one but they can BUILD their own. Following along with our detailed written and video instructions kids will learn woodwork skills like straight and curved sawing, rasping, sanding, and hammering. Using tools that you can purchase from us separately such as clamps, Japanese and coping saws, a saw rasp & sandpapers kids will learn to make the parts and then assemble them to create their very own Ping Pong Propulsion Perpetuator.

We have tool kits to buy or use your own tools just make sure they are fit for purpose. We recommend this for children 10 years old and above and assume kids will be supervised at all times.

Price includes all materials needed, GST, and postage and handling and access to our detailed written and video instructions.


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