Saw Horse/Drop Saw 1 day weekend workshop Canberra December

I love this project! I really like the I Beam design for the top rail and of course anyone who has spent time with me on site or in the workshop knows – I love angles! The splayed legs of these sawhorses gives us an opportunity to get into angles!

By doing a lot of the work of this project on the drop saw or mitre saw you will get really confident using this fabulous tool which will take the quality of your finished projects up a notch. This workshop is a great vehicle to teach you all about the drop saw or mitre saw or combination saw (They are basically the same thing). You’ll learn how to use them safely, their uses & potential.

If you are worried about angles – this is a great introduction. For 1 thing – it is only 1 angle! That’s it! And we will introduce you to the sliding bevel which totally takes the power out of any angle. We will also share a few other ‘tricks’ for getting you to totally feel that an angle is just a straight line once you know how to think & look at it.

These sawhorses aren’t just for show either. They are work horses at your disposal. They will become the backbone of your DIY set up. They’ll become your friends!

  • They stack on top of each other when you aren’t using them
  • Spread apart with a piece of ply clamped to them, they become a workbench
  • Move them further apart and put a wide, heavy-duty plank on top, they are a trestle to stand on to give you more height
  • But they are so good looking they will fit in sitting on your entrance deck to perch on to take off your boots or sneak a quick cuppa observing your garden

Of course as with all our workshops you can be a complete beginner and you will still walk out with you 2 amazing saw horses!

You’ll all be so proud of yourselves you’ll want to ride those saw horses out of the workshop and up the street!

Nothing available, or time doesn’t suit?