Oval Shaker Box Bega & Canberra 2024

Step into the world of timeless woodwork with our hands-on workshop at Two Sheds, where you can immerse yourself in the art of making timber oval Shaker boxes. Inspired by the philosophy of the Shakers, who believed in “hands to work, heart to God,” our workshop invites you to channel your creativity and connect with the spirit of woodworking.

Led by our skilled women instructors, this workshop will take you on a journey through the rich history and techniques of crafting timber oval Shaker boxes. Discover the beauty and elegance of this traditional form of woodworking as you learn the intricate steps involved in creating these stunning masterpieces.

Throughout the workshop, you’ll gain a deep understanding of the Shaker principles of simplicity, functionality, and precision. You’ll acquire valuable skills such as wood bending, box assembly, and finishing techniques. Without the use of glue you will get practised in using copper nails and wooden pegs to hold your box together.  All under the guidance of our experienced instructors who embody the spirit of the Shakers in their work in their love of the techniques and simplicity of design and materials.

At Two Sheds, we believe in building with love and attention to detail, as if each piece were destined for an angel as the Shakers liked to say. We provide a range of specialized tools tailored to the craft of making oval Shaker boxes, ensuring that you have everything you need to bring your vision to life. From bending forms and wooden mallets to precision hand tools, you’ll work with the very tools that have been used for generations to create these exquisite boxes.

Our workshop offers a supportive and inclusive environment where you can explore your creativity, unleash your inner artisan, and forge a deeper connection with woodworking. Experience the satisfaction of crafting two unique oval Shaker box with your own hands, knowing that you are carrying on a tradition rooted in purposeful, skilled woodwork and devotion.

Join us at Two Sheds for this captivating workshop where you’ll not only learn new skills and techniques but also immerse yourself in the essence of woodworking and the profound philosophy of the Shakers. Let your hands embrace the work, your heart find solace in the process, and your creations reflect the artistry of your soul. Book your spot today and embark on a transformative journey of woodworking and self-expression.

Cost is $380  includes GST and all the tools and timber you will need to make & take home two beautiful boxes.

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