Jo Saccomani Churchill Fellow

I travelled to the USA to find and explore new ways to teach carpentry and woodwork to women and children and discovered a social movement based on making with and learning from others. This is not a back to basics movement but rather a personal growth movement. A movement that has places where one can learn, connect, create and be still in the act of making. When we design and then make objects with our hands we feel empowered, we feel satisfied, we feel proud and we feel grounded. I met a woman called Mirandah Aisling on my travels who said in a TED talk that when you meet someone for the first time don’t ask what they do for a job ask them what they make then you’ll see them come alive, you’ll get to see the heart of a person. This sums up the heart of Two Sheds for me. This link takes you my Research Report on the Churchill Trust Australia site if you wish to know more about my Fellowship or find out about becoming a Churchill Fellow yourself.