Home of the Adirondack Chair

I never did post it so I thought I would now since the Adirondack Chair Workshops have become such a staple at Two Sheds. Cheers Jo.

I decided that a little aside to my Churchill Fellowship travels was going to be about Adirondack chairs. So I Googled ‘where is the home of the Adirondack chair?’…… needless to say Google answered first up ‘ Home Depot’ but I persevered! It is in fact the town of Westport, New York State in the Adirondack Mountains area (UpState as New Yorkers say). So I punched it into the GPS and hopped into Betty the RV and drove on the Right wrong side of the road to Westport.

Now if this was Australia I would have been greeted at the gateway into the town of Westport by a mega giant Adirondack Chair with a gift shop built underneath it and all pathways would lead to here and all vehicles would leave with at least one Adirondack Chair strapped to the roof rack. Sadly this was not so…..but I drove on thinking maybe they weren’t quite as crass as Australia is about our icons (the big banana, the big pineapple, the big sheep).

I drove all through the town looking from side to side but nothing……well actually there was something ….3 green plastic Adirondack chairs place in a row in the middle of a lawn. I gasped and nearly drove onto the Left right side of the road. If Bowie was here he would have rushed to my side to see if he could be of assistance. I could not even bring myself to take a photo of them…..crushed as I was that they even had such things in this town.

I drove on, ever hopeful but before I knew it I’d left town and had to turn around for a second drive through…..feeling very unhopeful now. Westport is about as big as Candelo….not big enough to hide an industry of chairs. I saw one, yes one, decrepit Adirondack Chair down the side of a house.

Sadly then I kept on driving through. Happily now I declare Two Sheds Workshop to be the home (at least in my mind) of the Adirondack Chair.