Gardener’s Goodies

We’ve brought a bunch of projects together for the gardeners amongst us. Our women instructors are keen to help you get creating with a Gardener’s Flair!

Firstly, making yourself a boot puller, you’ll learn some basic woodwork skills and tool usage, to get you started straight away. Measuring, marking, sawing, drilling, driving & even some jigsawing – we will build your confidence.

But do I really need a boot puller? The resounding ahhh in our workshop when we demonstrate this useful gardeners tool tells us “Yes you do”! Keep it by the back door and your muddy gumboots will be off in a flash, even while you have your hands full of your kitchen garden produce you have just picked.

And if you already have a boot puller, the one you make in your gardeners’ goodies workshop can go at the front door or the side door – you can never have too many!

After we’ve acquainted you with our woodworking tools and skills, you can hook in and build yourself something else useful with the gardening bent.



We have quite the selection for you to choose from:-



Our gardeners tool tote is perfect for carrying your gloves, secateurs, trowel and seedlings around the garden as you work here & there pruning or weeding.

The harvest basket is adapted from a design Millie from Gardening Australia built on an episode a while back. This is so functional! Made to carry your garden bounty as you pick it, but also for washing your produce in.

Our little egg or garlic basket is really cute. Use it for collecting eggs or for keeping your garlic or any produce handy while you prepare a feast from your garden. Imagine it full of corms of garlic or little Tom tomatoes sitting on the bench.

We have a couple of feathered friend options in our bird feeder or house for smaller birds. Attract these flying wonders to your garden by offering accommodation or a restaurant!

The gumboot stand is a big favourite amongst those who really like to get down & amongst it in their gumboots. It nicely stores your boots upside down so they can drain away if you’ve been out gardening in the rain.

Attract more of those beneficial insects to your garden with our funky insect hotel buildings. offer them an array of enticing homes to choose from depending on the insect. There’s even a spot for butterflies.

We have a couple of projects that suit pot plant gardeners & really who doesn’t have some pot plants?

Our cute little plant pot rack for housing pots of herbs on your kitchen windowsill. 

Or a plant pot hanger that cleverly hangs 4 pots at a time out on the deck or patio. A conversation starter this one. Imagine strawberries cascading down ready for picking, away from the slugs & snails.

We’re sure you’ll find the right project to enhance your gardener’s journey. Imagine how proud you’ll be each time you use it.  A little nod of satisfaction at the skills you’ve learned, a big smile at the confidence you’ve gained as you go about your joyful gardening work. 

$320 Price includes materials & GST.

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