Garden Shed Building

This  workshop is part of our Two Sheds Shelter Series of workshops for women.  

This is a 3 day weekend workshop for women.


Join us for our upcoming Timber Garden Shed building 3-day workshop designed to empower women through hands-on learning and personal growth. Our mission is to equip participants with woodwork skills while fostering personal empowerment throughout the building process.

Over three enriching days, you will gain confidence and proficiency in constructing your own structures. Under the guidance of our women Carpenters you will get comfortable and skilled in using  power tools like circular saws, drop saws, drills, and drivers. Moreover, you will learn the wonders of essential on-site hand tools such as string lines and spirit levels. Prepare to embark on a transformative journey where you’ll not only craft a timber garden shed but also build the confidence to take on future projects with skill and assurance.

Building a garden shed requires a combination of various skills, both technical and practical – this workshop will cover them all. Measuring & cutting, setting out, post installation, levelling & aligning and discussions of the best materials to use.

Under the instruction of Jo Saccomani (our fearless leader of Two Sheds!) you will leave with all the knowledge, techniques & hands on skills you will need to build your own garden structures. Jo has been a carpenter for many years (like over 30!) & knows many tips & tricks to get your carpentry jobs done with ease. She has been teaching skills to women since the start of Two Sheds 10 years ago & has focused on how to build your confidence & skills in a supportive, fun way.

This workshop will be run onsite in Bega. There are plenty of places to stay nearby that we can point you towards. 


The cost of this 3 day workshop is $660 inc GST


Nothing available, or time doesn’t suit?