Dovetailing Workshop Weekend November

November 4/5

Sometimes when you look at the side of a drawer in an old dresser you’ll see DOVETAILS!

I have a quick look every time. Can’t help myself.  I want to yell ”Look dovetails!”

They filled me with a sense of well being. I have to run my fingers over them. It’s the angles…. I love angles. It’s the magical way the 2 pieces fit together. And the way the light highlights each dovetail.

If you haven’t experienced this wonderment, head down to your local antique furniture shop and open every drawer. And then book into our dovetail making workshop.

Imagine being able to create them yourself… because you will.

Imagine sawing and chiselling your own dovetailed corners 1 by 1… because you will!

Imagine having a dovetail box you made yourself to run your eye and fingers over… because you will!

Imagine putting some special trinkets into the box you made yourself because you will be so proud you will want to put your most precious things in there!

Our dovetail expert, Rachel, will guide you every step of the way. Our fine woodworking instructor Rachael Hanrick who (among her many talents and accomplishments) is a Sturt School of Wood Graduate.

Experienced or beginners you will leave with the most beautiful box you have ever made.


But you will also have learned how to use some fine woodworking tools that maybe you’ve never used before. Dovetail saddles, a fine Japanese saw, a scribing knife and marking gauge. Finally honed chisels like you maybe have never experience. You’ll be in love with it all.

You’ll be working with a prized fine woodworking timber – Australian red cedar.

You’ll spend 2 whole days immersed in the marking, cutting, honing, putting together, planing, finely sanding  and then finally admiring your beautiful box.

Here’s what a recent dovetailer had to say….

“I wish to let you know of the pleasure myself and five others got out of this weekends dove tail woodworking  workshop. Our teacher Rachel was nothing short of brilliant, kind, helpful, encouraging and patient with all of us novices.  I made a big mistake very late Saturday. Rushing things and cut off end tails. Rachel recut what was needed. On Sunday she had set me up so I could start the day. All of us students think very highly of her. I don’t know how to acknowledge people on face book . If you see her, please let her know we all had a very enjoyable, practical learning journey in woodwork, which was made worthwhile through her teaching us. Warmest wishes to all who are involved with The Shed.” Petra. 

This is a 2 day weekend workshop so you will have plenty of time to relax into learning all the skills & techniques of dovetailing. 

Cost is $580 – all your Australian timber & materials & GST included.

Nothing available, or time doesn’t suit?