Culinary Creations January Canberra

20th Jan Sat 10-5 Canberra

The joy of using things you have made for yourself while you cook in the kitchen is unbound. You’ll hold something you’ve made from wood with your own hands in a different way to your other implements. You’ll move over the grain & the textures with your fingers & the feeling satisfaction will put a little smile on your face.

In the workshop we will first get you making a cheese board. This gives the opportunity for you to get familiar with our tools. It is also a great project for learning about the grain in timber and how to know which way it is going & this will add a level of ease and enjoyment to the task working with wood.


From there we have an array of projects within our culinary theme.

Implements such as a cake server, egg and garlic basket, salad servers, spatulas, toast tongs or a wine bottle glass holder are really fun to make. All very fine objects to make and use in the kitchen. All that you will love making for yourself or as a gift for someone else.

Or you could choose to get into some carving and make yourself a flour scoop, a stirring spoon or a shallow dish. You can get creative & wonderfully lost in the grain of the wood & the ways of the carving gouge.

You could also choose to immerse yourself you can get into the world of making Japanese chopsticks a refined art which uses a special jig and a wooden plane. Shaping square type of chopsticks that are refined and beautiful. You can personalise them by stamping words or initials into them to create a wonderful gift.

Treat yourself with this workshop – you’ll have a fabulous day.

$320 Price includes materials & GST.  

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