Anyone who lives in the country or has visited at the right time of year will know the excitement of going to a country town show. The bustling of horse events, the whistling of the dog jumping, the gorgeous flower displays, the clucking all things chooky section, and the dog/owner look alike competition (Jo and Bo always hotly contest this one!). But everyone local knows the prestige is to be gained in the Pavillion!!

Heading into the Pavillion where the judges have made their calls on many fronts is a very anticipated part of going to the local show. This is where the recognition comes of so much work that has gone into the making throughout the year. Afterall you cannot make the best tasting and looking tomato overnight. There are so many hotly contested Sections!……, cakes, garden produce, bread, preserves, and yes even woodworking!

Unfortunately all the Bega Valley Shows were cancelled this year what with Bushfires and Covid 19. Many of our Bega woodworkers young and old enter their projects and whether they win awards or not we are very proud of them all and are very happy that they are proud of their work and wish to show it off.

Two Sheds has certainly had our fair share of Champions so we thought we’d celebrate some of our past years winners.

Yemaya is a homeschooler who has been coming to Two Sheds since our kid’s classes began and has now begun to help teach in our kid’s classes. Yemaya is incredibly creative and very fine woodworker. In fact the milking stool which nearly every child coming through Two Sheds makes was initially designed by Yemaya – when she was all of 9! So often are the coveted Ribbons placed next to her woodwork (and art and other craft works – did I say Yemaya is incredibly talented) in the Pavillion that I’m sure she budgets around her money prize winnings! Here she is with her award winning backgammon set.