Build a blanket/toy box with your budding woodworker littler person January Canberra

January 21st Sunday 10am – 4 pm

Combined Women & kids workshop

Build a blanket or toy box or whatever you like to put in BOX. 

We’ve had a lot of requests for a workshop where you can bring along your special littler person and work together on a project. 

This project is a beauty!

A gorgeous timber trunk with a lid that could be a Blanket box or a Toy box.

Both of you will be planing, sawing, using the drills and drivers and putting on hinges – this project has a lot of woodwork skills to be learnt while working together. 

The child needs to be 9 & above. We feel a child younger than this will be struggling to work all day. Kids between 9 & 11 years might need to sit down & call it a day at 2pm. They can relax in our shaded outdoor courtyard – please bring a snack (& maybe a book!) that your littler person might enjoy while you apply the finishing touches to your special box.

You’ll have so much fun using tools & building something together with the special child in your life – creating a wonderful lasting memory together.

We work teaching woodwork to kids all the time so we are quite aware of what they are capable of doing. Pretty well everything that you will be doing building this together.

You might need to take turns using it to store your special things in it.

Or use the plans & skills you both take home with you to build another one together!

Price is $445 for the pair of you to build a Box together inc GST & all materials

Nothing available, or time doesn’t suit?