Adirondack Chair Building Weekend Bega

THE MOST comfy outdoor chair you’ll ever make!! No tool experience needed. Two days of creating, learning and satisfaction. Let this be a gift to yourself and others by BUILDING YOURSELF and a beautiful Adirondack chair.

By the way you say it like ADD-EE-RON-DACK. But you don’t need to be able to say it to build it!

You’ll need a trailer or ute or very big station wagon to get it home in one piece.

No woodwork experience necessary


You are wanting to participate in our woodworking workshops at Two Sheds. You’ve read that it was for total beginners. But you’re not convinced. You know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about using tools. How on earth could you build a chair!

When you are learning at Two Sheds we’ve got you covered. We start from the beginning.  You’ll learn to measure, to cut to size, to hold a drill so you feel in control, to screw timber together, to plane wood smooth, to hammer, to use clamps, to cut timber to size and so much more. We share all the little details with you:-

  • exactly how to hold each tool,
  • which hand,
  • what stance,
  • where to look.

You’ll understand the processes and concepts behind what you are doing.

Everything you need to do & know & all from a woman’s perspective.

Our Adirondack Chair Workshop runs for 2 days so you get totally immersed in the Two Sheds world of woodwork. By the 2nd day you will walk in and start woodworking. The skills are under your belt you are here to finish building your chair!

And then when you have got your chair set up in your garden or on your porch the feeling of satisfaction will put a smile on your face. As you run your hands along the arms of your chair – you think to yourself “I made this chair & it’s really, really good!”

You deserve this feeling! Come & BUILD YOURSELF at Two Sheds.

You know you’ve always wanted to!

$450 this includes GST, timber & materials to build your own Adirondack Chair!

Nothing available, or time doesn’t suit?